How AI Can Play ‘Minecraft’ Better Than You: Inside the Secret Demo

Microsoft has spent years training AI to play Minecraft, but it seems to be making enough progress that the game requires very little human interaction. According to Semafor sources, Microsoft has created an internal prototype that allows you to manage Minecraft just by instructing AI what to do. You may simply need to instruct the computer to construct a building and then watch as it completes the work on its own.

According to sources, the company has no intentions to offer AI control as part of an official Minecraft release. Microsoft did not respond to a request for comment. It’s unclear what AI model the business is using, while the demo isn’t said to be based on the Prometheus AI engine used by Bing. Although the company’s regular collaborator OpenAI used films to teach a model to play Minecraft last year, such technology isn’t necessarily included here.

Previous public demonstrations have been few and far between. Microsoft demonstrated a Minecraft assistant that uses OpenAI’s Codex model to accomplish very simple tasks, such as having a character approach the player or crafting stuff, during last year’s Build conference. According to the description, the private demo may be far more complicated.

Don’t expect Microsoft and other companies to use AI to significantly replace traditional gaming. Minecraft is popular precisely because you do the majority of the building work yourself. The alleged demo, on the other hand, suggests a future in which games can provide bots to undertake monotonous jobs, or even titles in which the difficulty relies on obtaining the appropriate instructions.