Samsung Claims the Galaxy S23 Can Detect and Block Malicious Images

Samsung Claims the Galaxy S23 Can Detect and Block Malicious Images

Zero-click attacks, in which malware is installed on a computer without the user touching or pressing on anything, have become more common in recent years. Samsung has created a function called Message Guard to help keep them at bay. It is presently supported by the Samsung Messages app and Google Messages on Galaxy S23 series handsets, which were released today.

Message Guard is active in the background. It separates PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, ICO, WEBP, BMP, and WBMP files from messages received from the rest of your device. The programme scans photos bit-by-bit and processes them to make sure they can’t infect your device with harmful malware, Samsung claims.

Message Guard will be progressively rolled out to additional Samsung smartphones and tablets running One UI 5.1 or above. According to Samsung, an update will be released that will extend the safeguards to third-party messaging applications as well.

Zero-click attacks may go unnoticed by users as the malicious code steals their data and sends it to hackers. According to sources, a zero-click assault utilised an exploit to install NSO Group malware such as Pegasus into iPhones used by activists, journalists, government officials, and politicians.

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