Horizon Forbidden West Arrives on PC on March 21

Horizon Forbidden West Arrives on PC on March 21

Horizon Forbidden West, formerly a PlayStation 5 exclusive, is making its way to PC on March 21st. This marks Sony’s latest effort to bring its coveted console exclusives to the PC gaming market.

The PC version comes packed with Forbidden West’s “Burning Shores” expansion from 2022, offering PC gamers the Complete Edition right off the bat. It also touts a suite of PC-centric graphical upgrades like ultra-widescreen support, unlocked frame rates, and NVIDIA DLSS 3 plus other advanced upscaling tech. Players can fine-tune graphics settings to their liking and remap keyboard and mouse controls. And PlayStation’s adaptive trigger feedback remains supported for those using a DualSense controller.

Forbidden West joins a growing list of former PlayStation exclusives Sony has ported to PC in pursuit of expanded revenue opportunities. Other big names making the jump include Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Spider-Man, and The Last of Us Part I.

Sony is counting on the PC platform to drive additional sales from its flagship franchises. And by all accounts, the effort is paying off. Both God of War and Spider-Man Remastered became top sellers on Steam shortly after their respective launches. Forbidden West looks poised to continue that momentum when it arrives on March 21st, armed with graphical tweaks tailored specifically for the power of modern gaming PCs.

With Sony pledging to bring more exclusives to PC moving forward, they seem intent on tearing down the wall separating PlayStation and PC gamers. And that’s good news for gaming enthusiasts on both platforms eager to experience Sony’s most acclaimed narrative adventures. Horizon Forbidden West’s March debut kicks off another big year of former exclusives going multi-platform.