Apple Opens Doors for Streaming Games and Chatbots in Featured Apps

Apple Opens Doors for Streaming Games and Chatbots in Featured Apps

Apple is finally opening up its restrictive app platform—a little bit, at least. Today the company announced developers can now utilize new in-app experiences like game streaming, mini apps, chatbots, and more within a single app.

This could allow services like Xbox Game Pass to create a fully-featured mobile app at last. Or even help Microsoft deliver its long-awaited mobile games store. Developers will also get new App Store discovery opportunities to showcase these new integrated features like chatbots or mini games. While details remain vague, Apple may create dedicated sections highlighting apps with specific functions.

Notable too is that in-app purchases can now support these new experiences, like subscribing directly to a mini game within its parent app.

The moves follow Apple bowing to EU pressure by allowing alternative in-app payment systems and reportedly charging developers who sideload apps outside the App Store.

“The changes Apple is announcing reflect feedback from Apple’s developer community and is consistent with the App Store’s mission to provide a trusted place for users to find apps they love and developers everywhere with new capabilities to grow their businesses,” said Apple in a blog post.

But Apple cautioned that apps leveraging the new capabilities still must uphold its standards for user safety and experience. So while incremental, increased openness in areas like game streaming could profoundly impact mobile apps—if Apple allows it.

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