iOS 17.4 Drops Clues About Landscape Face ID Camera for iPad Pro

iOS 17.4 Drops Clues About Landscape Face ID Camera for iPad Pro

Apple’s premier iPad Pro 12.9 (2022) tablet sports an odd quirk for such a high-end device: its front-facing camera sits on the narrow edge, positioning it awkwardly off-center for landscape video calls. The cheaper new iPad 10.9 (2022) avoids this issue with a properly centered landscape lens.

But Apple may address the inconsistent iPad camera placement in the future, as new iOS 17.4 code suggests the company is testing a landscape-oriented, Face ID-equipped selfie camera. The current iPad 10.9 lacks Face ID, hinting the rumored design targets Apple’s professional tablet line instead.


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Shifting the front camera position on a future iPad Pro model would better center it on users’ faces when holding the tablet horizontally. As iPads frequently connect to keyboards in landscape orientation, an off-axis front camera hampers the premium experience Apple intends for its top-tier tablet.

There are still obstacles to implementing such a change, however. The Apple Pencil’s magnetic charging strip currently occupies the same tablet edge that a centered camera would. Unless Apple completely overhauls the design, there may not be enough room for both key features along that side.

For now, a redesigned iPad Pro with improved camera placement remains speculation without guarantees. But with rumors pointing to an early 2024 iPad Pro refresh, we may know sooner than later if Apple will finally fix one of the only glaring issues marring its otherwise exceptional high-end tablet.

As iPads grow ever more critical to mobile productivity, the front camera placement can’t be an afterthought. Here’s hoping Apple gives its next-generation of iPad Pro power users the properly-positioned video conferencing experience they deserve from a premium tablet.