Hexworks' Lords of the Fallen Redefines Co-op in Soulslike RPGs

Hexworks’ Lords of the Fallen Redefines Co-op in Soulslike RPGs

An Epic Reboot of the Soulslike Genre

Lords of the Fallen, a prominent title in the Soulslike RPG category, has been making waves with its innovative approach to cooperative gameplay. Hexworks, the developer behind this epic adventure, recently emphasized the superiority of its co-op experience in comparison to other games in the same genre.

A Spiritual Successor with a Fresh Perspective

Lords of the Fallen isn’t just another Soulslike RPG; it’s a spiritual successor to its 2014 predecessor. This reboot, a collective endeavor involving over 400 developers, offers players a multitude of choices. These choices include the promise of three unique endings and a formidable array of 30 challenging bosses, ensuring diverse and replayable gameplay experiences. Notably, the game features an impressive arsenal, with 194 weapons and shields, alongside 339 armor pieces. Adding depth to the gameplay, it incorporates 76 spells and catalysts.