Hexworks’ Lords of the Fallen Redefines Co-op in Soulslike RPGs

An Epic Reboot of the Soulslike Genre

Lords of the Fallen, a prominent title in the Soulslike RPG category, has been making waves with its innovative approach to cooperative gameplay. Hexworks, the developer behind this epic adventure, recently emphasized the superiority of its co-op experience in comparison to other games in the same genre.

A Spiritual Successor with a Fresh Perspective

Lords of the Fallen isn’t just another Soulslike RPG; it’s a spiritual successor to its 2014 predecessor. This reboot, a collective endeavor involving over 400 developers, offers players a multitude of choices. These choices include the promise of three unique endings and a formidable array of 30 challenging bosses, ensuring diverse and replayable gameplay experiences. Notably, the game features an impressive arsenal, with 194 weapons and shields, alongside 339 armor pieces. Adding depth to the gameplay, it incorporates 76 spells and catalysts.

Hexworks’ Commitment to Co-op Excellence

In a recent Q&A stream following the game’s October 13 release, Saul Gascon, Executive Producer and Head of Hexworks, shed light on Lords of the Fallen’s co-op system in response to feedback from the player community. Gascon’s stance was clear: the core essence of the game would remain unaltered, setting it apart from other titles in the genre like Remnant. Hexworks aims to enhance the player experience in alignment with their vision, prioritizing the integrity of a host player’s world against disruptive interference.



Unparalleled Co-op Flexibility

Gascon proudly pointed out the co-op flexibility offered by Lords of the Fallen, highlighting uninterrupted exploration with fewer restrictions compared to other Soulslikes. Innovative features, such as the Sanguinarix for resurrection, add even more flexibility to the co-op experience. Gascon confidently declared that in the realm of Soulslike games, Lords of the Fallen boasts one of the best and most adaptable co-op designs. While he acknowledged room for improvement, he emphasized the current design’s superiority to other genre titles.

Balancing Strengths and Weaknesses

While these claims come directly from the developer, a review of Lords of the Fallen recognized the game’s robust core gameplay and innovative dual-world mechanic, reminiscent of titles like Elden Ring and Dark Souls. However, it didn’t shy away from pointing out issues such as cramped level design, challenging enemies, and occasional unfair tactics. The review also acknowledged Hexworks’ ongoing efforts to address and improve these concerns, hinting at the potential for Lords of the Fallen to evolve into a more refined and balanced gaming experience over time.