Meaning – The term resident, refers to computer programs or data while they remain on a particular storage device.

In computing, a resident monitor is a type of system software program that was used in many early computers from the 1950s to the 1970s. It can be considered a precursor to the operating system. The name is derived from a program that is always present in the computer’s memory, thus being “resident”.

Resident monitor functionality is present in many embedded systems, boot loaders, and various embedded command lines.

A resident virus is a kind of computer virus that hides and stores itself within the computer memory, which then allows it to infect any file that is run by the computer, depending on the virus’ programming.

Example of usage“For embedded processors, many “in-circuit debuggers” with software-only mode use resident monitor concepts and functions that are frequently accessed by a GUI IDE. They are not different from the traditionally serial line accessed resident monitor command lines, but users are not aware of this.”