Honda Prelude EV Concept: A Glimpse into Honda's Electrified Sports Car Future

Honda Prelude EV Concept: A Glimpse into Honda’s Electrified Sports Car Future

Is Honda's Classic Prelude Making a Comeback in the EV Era

For devoted Gran Turismo fans, the Honda Prelude holds a special place as a recognizable, wedge-shaped icon. It’s been a fixture in the series, providing an affordable entry point into the world of front-engined, front-wheel-drive road cars.

While it’s familiar to gamers, the Honda Prelude also made waves in real life. It offered a legitimate two-door sports car experience that could be used as an everyday vehicle. However, Honda’s focus on sports cars hasn’t been as prominent since the days of the S2000. With the unveiling of the Honda Prelude EV concept, there’s hope for a return to form.