Managed Node

Meaning – The term managed node, refers to a workstation, server, or router that contains a network management agent. In the Internet Protocol (IP), the managed node usually contains a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agent.

In a Tivoli environment, any managed resource on which the Tivoli Management Framework is installed.

Nodes can be managed or unmanaged. An unmanaged node does not have a node agent or administrative agent to manage its servers, whereas a managed node does. Both application servers and supported web servers can be on unmanaged or managed nodes.

A stand-alone application server is an unmanaged node. The application server node becomes a managed node when it is either federated into a cell or registered with an administrative agent.

Example of usage“When you create a managed node by federating the application server node into a deployment manager cell, a node agent is automatically created. The node agent process manages the application server configurations and servers on the node.”