Meaning – Whenever we browse the internet, the websites we website have the ability to store certain data pertaining to our activity on the website, and this data is known as a cookie. Cookies can include information such as the browsing activity of the individual, the kind of topics that the individual most interacts with, search history and much more.

Using these cookies, the website can tailor the browsing experience of each individual user, such that the next time they visit that website, they will be shown content hat is relevant to their previous activity on that website.

Earlier, cookies were saved or enabled by default, on every website. However, due to recent privacy concerns, websites must now take the permission of the individual before enabling cookies.

Example of usage“He visited a shopping website a few days back, to look for some sneakers, and the next day, thanks to the saved cookies, every other site started displaying sneaker ads in the middle of the browsing session”