Fox News is displeased with Xbox Power Saving Mode changes

Fox News is displeased with Xbox Power Saving Mode changes

Fox News has criticised Microsoft for including a power-saving feature in the latest update for Xbox Series X/S consoles. The exact modification is related to Microsoft’s current push to make Xbox the first “carbon conscious” console, which involves changes to how the system controls its power usage and content downloads to be as efficient as possible while minimising the total carbon impact.

The network has a history of reporting on gaming in a negative way, including emphasising the alleged link between video games and violence despite findings to the contrary. When video games are mentioned on Fox News, the best-case scenario is that the broadcast will be confusing to watch.

Jimmy Failla and Ainsley Earhardt react to Microsoft’s “carbon consciousness” promise for Xbox in a clip from the newest edition of Fox & Friends that Lis Power posted on Twitter. They accused the internet behemoth of being “woke,” claiming that the pledge is a ruse to attract children into climate activism while not really cutting emissions. Senator Ted Cruz’s tweet bemoans the transition, which Earhardt compares to gas stoves and coffee. Failla chuckles before establishing a link to rebellion by mentioning how being a rebel used to include obtaining a leather jacket and smokes. This is in contrast to currently when Failla claims to be eating pizza rolls on a gas burner while playing Xbox.



This charge is amusing because, despite the way the video portrays it, Microsoft has long shown a commitment to environmental responsibility. In fact, the most recent upgrade to Xbox is really a little adjustment that reduces energy usage. This is merely part of the company’s strategy of reducing emissions in minor but significant ways in homes.

Not that there aren’t important stories to report on, mind you. With the revelation that Microsoft would be laying off 10,000 workers by the third quarter of the fiscal year 2023, real complaints may be lodged with the firm, even if those individuals are offered severance money. This includes the Xbox division, and if Fox News wants to spotlight actual difficulties in the gaming business, this may be a topic of conversation about how volatile job security can be.

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