Armor customization will be added to Minecraft in a future update

Armor customization will be added to Minecraft in a future update

Mojang has announced that armour customisation will be included in the next 1.20 release. Fans have been requesting this upgrade for years, and it seems that they will finally get their way when it debuts in Minecraft sometime in the near future.

Developer Mojang has been releasing sizable upgrades at regular intervals since the game’s debut in 2011. The most recent major update, Minecraft 1.19, was dubbed The Wild Update and was published in June 2022. The update included a slew of new monsters, biomes, blocks, and objects that would breathe fresh life into the game. While there are no plans for a Minecraft sequel, if updates of this scale continue, it may be expected that the game still has a long career ahead of it.

Players may get an early peek at the armour customisation in the photographs provided on the official Minecraft website. Initially, it will just be armour trimmings, adding basic embellishments to previously plain armour sets. In Minecraft, players have always been able to colour armour, but this upgrade will take it to new heights. While the designs aren’t the most complex, they are a step forward over what players can presently utilise in-game, so any upgrade is good. Armour in Minecraft has always been utilitarian; now it may also be stylish.

In-depth information on armour customization is provided in the article. The trimmings are available in 11 distinct designs and maybe dyed in 10 different colours. The trimmings may only be utilised if the player finds a smithing template, a new component necessary for players to enhance their smithing. Rather than just adding the trimmings to the game, Mojang is weaving it into existing stuff, making it seem as though it’s always been there. Players have long speculated about what the Minecraft 1.20 update might feature, and it’s nice to finally have a better idea, with additional announcements almost certainly on the way.

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This update is the ideal illustration of why, ten years after its initial release, Minecraft still has hundreds of millions of active players. Armor has long been a neglected aspect of the game, and rather than dismissing fans who requested an upgrade, Mojang has heeded their request. They’ve done this continuously since 2011, staying on top of fan requests to ensure as much of the player base as feasible is satisfied. Obviously, they can’t satisfy everyone, but Mojang does an admirable job of trying.

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