Fans speculate on Miles Morales' new powers in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Fans speculate on Miles Morales’ new powers in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

As anticipation builds for the release of Spider-Man 2, fans are eagerly analyzing every available detail to uncover hints about what the game will offer. While not much is known beyond a teaser trailer and a planned 2023 release, one aspect of the trailer has caught the attention of fans: a particle effect displayed by Miles Morales, suggesting a potential new power for the beloved web-slinger of Harlem.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales debuted alongside the PlayStation 5 in November 2020, providing Sony with an impressive showcase of the console’s capabilities. Building upon the foundation laid by the original Marvel’s Spider-Man game, Miles Morales offered a more focused experience. This set the stage for the highly anticipated Spider-Man 2, which fans hope will be unveiled during the upcoming PlayStation Showcase on May 24.

The Spider-Man 2 trailer, premiered at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase, showcased Peter Parker and Miles Morales joining forces to combat crime in New York City. The trailer also featured a brief cameo by Venom. Fans have since dissected the trailer, searching for any clues about the upcoming title. A recent theory shared on Reddit has sparked intrigue among fans. At the 40-second mark of the trailer, Miles is seen drop-kicking an enemy, unleashing a Venom Blast ability that generates a crackling orange lightning particle effect. However, as the kick lands, the lightning turns blue, leading to speculation about a potential new power for Miles. Some fans suggest it could be a harnessed version of the Nuform energy source, a significant element in the previous game’s storyline. Others theorize that it might be a hint at different effects available for the Venom Blast, although no concrete evidence supports these ideas yet.

The Nuform theory appears to be the most plausible, given the ending of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In the game’s conclusion, Miles absorbs some Nuform, causing the electrical effect coursing through him to turn blue, mirroring the effect shown in the trailer. If this theory holds true, it introduces an intriguing dynamic that Insomniac Games could explore in the upcoming title. With Nuform exposure known to be deadly in the long run, the game could present a scenario where Miles’ health deteriorates as he further masters his newfound power, ultimately forcing him to choose between his well-being and the ability to save others.

Fans hope that more information about Spider-Man 2 will be unveiled at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase. With a planned release in 2023, optimism is high that the game is nearing the end of its development, and a media campaign for the highly anticipated title will soon kick into high gear.

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