Bloodborne PC version in the works?

Bloodborne PC version in the works?

It appears that Bloodborne, the acclaimed PlayStation-exclusive game developed by FromSoftware, may have a functioning PC version, according to evidence found online. Fans have long expressed their desire for Bloodborne to be released on PC, even after 8 years since its initial launch. While FromSoftware has not made any official announcements regarding a PC port, the existence of a PC version cannot be completely ruled out, even if the studio has no immediate plans to release it. Previous rumors about a PC port were quickly dismissed, disappointing those who believed it was long overdue.

Bloodborne is widely regarded as one of the best “Souls-like” games on PlayStation, and many PC gamers have been eagerly waiting for the day when it would receive the same treatment as other PlayStation hits, such as Spider-Man and The Last of Us: Part 1, despite the latter’s initial poorly optimized state. FromSoftware seems to be focused on its upcoming release, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, scheduled for later this year. Additionally, the studio is working on DLC for Elden Ring, its latest title that won Game of the Year at The Game Awards in 2022.

Lance McDonald, known for creating the Bloodborne 60fps patch, made an intriguing discovery related to a screenshot on the Bloodborne fandom Wiki. The screenshot, contributed by former FromSoftware environment artist Marcos Domenech, showcases the Oil Pitchers item. Interestingly, the screenshot’s file name follows the naming convention “SPRJ-win64,” which is typically used for screenshots taken from the debug menu.

This screenshot’s existence seems to provide evidence of a PC version of Bloodborne, as it was captured in the Fishing Hamlet area, accessible only through the “Old Hunters” DLC. Lance McDonald also claims to have witnessed the game running on a PC in a private setting, further supporting the notion of a PC version.

If indeed a PC version of Bloodborne exists, as Lance’s discovery suggests, one can only speculate about FromSoftware’s plans for its release. Some fans also hope for a sequel to Bloodborne. However, considering the developer’s commitment to creating visually stunning and well-crafted gameplay experiences, it is possible that a PC release could come in the form of a remaster once the version is polished enough. This is purely speculative, and it seems unlikely in the near term, especially with the imminent releases of Armored Core 6 and the Elden Ring DLC, “Shadow of the Erdtree.”

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