Pokemon GO players disappointed with new postcard storage upgrade

Pokemon GO players disappointed with new postcard storage upgrade

Pokemon GO players have expressed their frustration with the latest update from Niantic, the developer of the popular mobile game. The update introduced a new upgrade related to postcards, which many players found unnecessary and underwhelming. Niantic regularly releases updates for Pokemon GO, offering players new activities and rare creatures to capture.

Postcards have long been a social feature in Pokemon GO, allowing players to send gifts to each other. When players interact with a Pokestop, they receive a gift that can be sent to a friend along with a postcard featuring a picture of the Pokestop. In December 2021, Pokemon GO introduced the Postcard Book, enabling players to collect and keep a memory of the postcards they received from friends or obtained from visited Pokestops. However, postcards have no in-game advantage and serve primarily as a glimpse of real-life locations.


Wow, worthless.
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The recent update to Pokemon GO introduced an option in the in-game shop that allows players to increase the maximum number of postcards they can save by 50. This storage expansion comes at a cost of 100 PokeCoins, equivalent to $0.99. Many players criticized this update, considering the postcard storage expansion to be worthless. They expressed a desire to use their PokeCoins for more useful items rather than collecting additional postcards.

Players took to social media to make fun of the postcard storage upgrade, questioning why Niantic prioritized this feature instead of fulfilling the long-awaited request to increase the number of eggs players can carry. Some players who enjoy collecting postcards suggested the implementation of a better sorting feature, allowing them to sort postcards by name and easily identify duplicates. Others suggested the introduction of a sticker book to collect all the Pokemon GO stickers received with gifts and postcards.

Despite the disappointment with the postcard update, Niantic continues to introduce new content to Pokemon GO. The company recently announced the Rising Shadow event starting on May 22, which includes Team Rocket Shadow Raids featuring powerful bosses. Niantic also revealed that Master Balls, which guarantee a successful catch regardless of the targeted Pokemon, will be added to the game. While the community has provided mixed feedback on these new features, the regular updates from Niantic demonstrate the company’s commitment to keeping Pokemon GO fresh and engaging for its dedicated player base.

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