Elden Ring's Famous Malenia Slayer May Retire When New DLC Arrives

Elden Ring’s Famous Malenia Slayer May Retire When New DLC Arrives

Remember “Let Me Solo Her,” the notorious Elden Ring player who became a legend by defeating its toughest boss Malenia over 7,000 times? Turns out even legends get battle fatigue.

In an interview, the expert Tarnished reveals he’s tiring of repeatedly besting the notorious Blade of Miquella after endless victories. Though he still fondly calls it a “great joy.”

With new DLC arriving in June, LMSH hopes its mysterious main boss offers an equally epic challenge. But he’s unsure whether he’ll continue his famous solo slaying services.

Passing the Torch to New Heroes

After 1,200 hours and incalculable Malenia kills, LMSH deserves a rest before the next bout. Not to mention a change of scenery from swirling Caelid scarlet rot!

His valiant work has already inspired countless players to persevere against devastating odds. Now newcomers can prove their mettle when the DLC lands.

Of course if Messmer the Impaler proves as punishing as notoriously hardcore expansion bosses like Slave Knight Gael, calls for LMSH may quickly resume.

But even legends need successors. So hopefully another hero emerges with katana blades and Potter-esque headgear at the ready to solo the next great challenge FromSoftware devises.

Until then, LMSH richly earned some R&R in the Lands Between after attaining god-slaying status. May we all exhibit such perseverance confronting life’s Malenias.