In Real Life, an Actor Recreates Elden Ring's Weapon Skills

In Real Life, an Actor Recreates Elden Ring’s Weapon Skills

In a video, an actor tries to mimic some of Elden Ring’s most memorable weapon movements and weapon abilities in real life. Elden Ring offers a wide range of weaponry for players to learn throughout their stay in the Lands Between. There is a playstyle for everyone, from little swords and tiny knives to katanas and even giant greatswords. While not every weapon skill or blade is based on real-life weaponry, this actor strives to demonstrate some of the more realistic weapon styles as well as some of the more fantasy weapon talents.

Elden Ring has a broad range of weaponry. While some weapons are much superior to others, particularly when aiming to make the greatest quality builds to maximise damage in Elden Ring, many players may go toward one-handed swords and weapons that seem to be simpler to use. Almost every weapon in the game has distinct attacks or motions, and in this video, the actor tries to reproduce various sword techniques from the game, especially katana types, and show how they may seem in the real world using many different blades of his own.

Toru Uchikado, the actor, uploaded his film on YouTube, and the parallel between the game and real life is remarkable. Uchikado has never played Elden Ring, yet he spends time in the video understanding the sword manoeuvres before trying to duplicate them. He begins with simple katana strikes and progresses to more complex sword moves. Uchikado also spends time discussing the real-life methods of swords and katanas and how they are shown in Elden Ring. Near the conclusion of the video, Uchikado tries Melania’s Waterfowl Dance attack, a notorious sword skill that established Malenia as one of the most difficult monsters in Elden Ring.

Uchikado mostly employs Elden Ring’s normal katana weapons, but he also tries some of the more magical weapons, most notably the Rivers of Blood katana weapon skill and the Meteoric Ore Blade weapon skill, which generates a ground shockwave in-game. He ends the video by saying that it was instructive for him and that he really wants to play Elden Ring right now.

Seeing some of Elden Ring’s most memorable movements done in real life will be a pleasure for many. With Elden Ring DLC rumours circulating, there should be even more weapons introduced to the game, some of which are sure to become fan favourites.