Destiny 2 Will Get A New Dungeon Next Month

Destiny 2 Will Get A New Dungeon Next Month

Bungie has detailed a huge number of changes coming to Destiny 2 with the release of Season 19 early next month, as well as some new content, including a whole new dungeon for high-level PvE players. Many players have already achieved the Discerptor title from Destiny 2’s most recent dungeon, Duality, which was launched alongside Season 17 back in May, thus fans have been anxiously expecting the announcement of new endgame content.

Destiny 2’s current Season of Plunder included a slew of new features, including two new seasonal PvE activities, three Fortnite-inspired armour sets, and the return of Destiny’s King’s Fall raid, to name a few. Despite these changes, Destiny 2 has failed to keep many players continuously interested in Season 18’s content, and as a consequence, many players have temporarily switched to other games. With a new season on the way and the next addition, Destiny 2: Lightfall, it won’t be long until player numbers begin to rise again.

The most recent This Week At Bungie blog article covers a lot of territory in terms of forthcoming Season 19 buffs and nerfs, recent Destiny 2 community activities, and a sneaky tease at an impending dungeon. While the development team hasn’t divulged much about the next action, they have stated that it will arrive somewhere in the solar system on December 9 at 9 a.m. PDT for Guardians to take on. The team says that they hope to keep things under wraps so that the day-one experience for all players stays “fresh and exciting” when it launches next month.

The Destiny 2 community is buzzing with conjecture about where the dungeon will take place and which enemy species Guardians will face this time, however, it is known that prior dungeons have included a slew of Hive, Fallen, and Cabal. Meanwhile, the Vex haven’t been seen in an endgame action in a long time, so some gamers are hopeful that Season 19 puts them back in the limelight.

Other players argue that this is implausible, given that Lightfall seems to be concentrated on the Witness and Calus’ Shadow Legion of Cabal. Many in the community are anticipating a stressful buildup to the events of Lightfall and the discovery of the futuristic metropolis, Neomuna, with Season 19 being the penultimate season of the year before the new expansion’s arrival in February 2023. With little over a month till the start of Season 19, Guardians won’t have to wait long to set foot in a brand-new dungeon.