Resident Evil 4 Inventory Management Becomes a Full Game With Save Room

Resident Evil 4 Inventory Management Becomes a Full Game With Save Room

Save Room is a game developed by Fractal Projects that is inspired by the Tetris-like inventory management of Resident Evil 4, which is getting a remake. The release date of the game on the Nintendo Switch has also been confirmed. So far, the response to Save Room has been very favourable.

Capcom’s fourth entry of the legendary Resident Evil series was original in many respects, both from the player’s point of view with an over-the-shoulder view and its novel approach to the game’s inventory system. The inventory in Resident Evil 4 introduces a really fascinating mechanism that was clearly influenced by Tetris. When the notion first appeared in the gameplay of the well-received instalment, it was an immediate success with fans and was later adopted in Resident Evil: Village.

Save Room combines traditional Resident Evil inventory management with a whole new Tetris experience for lovers of both games. The game makes use of the standard inventory management elements common in Resident Evil titles, such as reloading guns to make room for other goods or merging items to take up just one or two blocks. The aim, like with any Tetris-type game, is to arrange the forms in a manner that neatly takes up space, much like fitting puzzle pieces together.

The difference with Save Room is that each object will have limited inventory space, or grid space, to fit inside. This is difficult owing to the various sizes and forms of numerous Resident Evil weapons and objects. Furthermore, the grid forms and sizes fluctuate, making it difficult to fit larger things into tiny grids while still having space for numerous additional items, and so on. To complete the puzzle and continue through all 40 unique stages, players must put every allotted object in the grid. Though Save Room has been available on PC for some time, it is set to make its Nintendo Switch debut on November 11.

This game may be worth trying out for lovers of the Resident Evil 4 inventory style as well as those searching for an unusual puzzle game for casual play. It’s original and something fresh and unique within the sub-genre, but it remains to be seen if the brilliant premise is enjoyable enough as a standalone game for Nintendo Switch owners. Needless to say, organising weapons will be unusual without the continuous danger of zombie-like hordes and werewolf transformations to worry about.

Save Room is already available on PC and will make its Nintendo Switch release on November 11.