Deltarune Chapter 3 Development Progress Hinted at in Toby Fox’s Newsletter

Playable State Achieved, Unfinished Parts Shrinking, and Stealth Mode Cut

Fans of Toby Fox’s critically acclaimed Deltarune series have reason to be excited as a recent newsletter from the creator himself sheds light on the development status of Deltarune Chapter 3. While it’s not yet complete, the newsletter provides some tantalizing updates regarding the current state of the highly-anticipated chapter.

Playable from Start to Finish

In the newsletter, Toby Fox shared the promising news that Deltarune Chapter 3 is now “playable from beginning to end.” This significant milestone indicates that the core structure of the game is in place, and players can experience the storyline seamlessly from start to finish. However, there’s still work to be done.

Refining the Unfinished Parts

While Fox refrained from declaring the chapter as finished, he did mention that the “unfinished parts are feeling less and less numerous.” This suggests that the development team is actively addressing the remaining tasks and fine-tuning the game’s elements to ensure a polished and engaging experience. Although the newsletter didn’t provide an exact release date, these indications hint at the end of the development journey coming into view.

Stealth Mode: A Concept Scrapped

Interestingly, Toby Fox also shared insights into some of the creative decisions made during the development process. One notable revelation was the abandonment of a “stealth mode” concept that was initially considered for the game. This mode would have challenged players to navigate certain areas while remaining undetected. However, upon testing, Fox recognized that a mechanic that essentially slowed down the player’s progress didn’t align with the enjoyable and dynamic gameplay Deltarune is known for.

Musical Accompaniment for the Unseen Stealth Mode

Accompanying the revelation about the scrapped stealth mode was a special treat for fans – Toby Fox shared a musical composition that was intended to be part of the now-discarded gameplay concept. This musical piece is accessible online, allowing fans to appreciate the creative efforts that went into this aspect of the game’s development.

Exclusive Updates for Subscribers

Toby Fox’s newsletter also emphasized that fans subscribed to the mailing list would continue to receive exclusive updates on Deltarune Chapter 3 and any future developments related to both Deltarune and the beloved Undertale franchise. This subscriber-first approach ensures that dedicated fans are the first to receive exciting news and insights into the worlds created by Toby Fox.