Dead by Daylight Funko Pops Cancelled: Industry Experts Analyze Implications for Collectors and Fans

Dead by Daylight Funko Pops Cancelled: Industry Experts Analyze Implications for Collectors and Fans

Fans of Dead by Daylight who were hoping to hear more about the game’s upcoming partnership with Funko Pops will be disappointed, as Behaviour Interactive has stated that the project with Funko has been terminated. Behaviour Interactive announced the cancellation via social media, but Dead by Daylight fans reacted with a mix of apathy, sadness, and hope for greater future collaborations.

Despite one failed cooperation, Dead by Daylight is no stranger to crossovers. The asymmetrical survival horror multiplayer game saw two different crossovers last year, with PUBG and the Resident Evil franchise. The first was a cooperation within the battle royale shooter that incorporated parts of Dead By Daylight’s hide-and-seek features. The Project W DLC, which included Albert Wesker as The Mastermind Killer, introduced characters and locales from Capcom’s legendary franchise into The Fog. Nevertheless, not every cooperation lasts or even gets off the ground.

Dead by Daylight revealed on Twitter that the idea to produce Funko Pops based on the characters in the game had been discontinued owing to events and situations beyond their control. While this response is ambiguous and might refer to anything, it comes after months of stillness. The cooperation was initially revealed in May 2022, only a few months before the debut of Project W in the game. While Funko Pops will continue to partner with other franchises and characters, such as Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, a Dead by Daylight collaboration will never be seen. Fans, on the other hand, responded to the announcement on Twitter with little surprise, some sadness, and excitement for the game’s future collaboration ambitions. Only time will tell whether Dead by Daylight will revisit previous crossovers like Stranger Things or take a new path.



Dead by Daylight just teased a new Killer, which will be released as part of the Tools of Torment Chapter update in the coming days. While many theorised that the new Killer would be the centrepiece of a crossover with The Terminator or Warhammer 40K, it was subsequently revealed that the Killer was really another unique character named The Skull Merchant. The Killer’s unveiling received mixed reactions on social media, however The Skull Merchant’s gameplay was appreciated by users on the public test build. The Tools of Torment Chapter update will be available on all platforms on March 7.

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