Cyberpunk 2077's Highly Anticipated Free 2.0 Update Drops on September 21

Cyberpunk 2077’s Highly Anticipated Free 2.0 Update Drops on September 21

CD Projekt Red is set to release a significant update, version 2.0, for Cyberpunk 2077 on September 21st, ahead of the launch of the Phantom Liberty expansion. This update brings substantial changes to the action role-playing game and is free for existing owners of the title.

Update 2.0 introduces new skill trees and perks that expand the game’s mechanics and options for players. One of the key areas of improvement is the police system in the game. The update revamps the police system to operate on “clear, simple rules.” Criminal activity will be punished more consistently, with the police actively pursuing and engaging runners and cyberpsychosis-afflicted individuals without hesitation.



The game’s interface will now display the likelihood of the police pursuing a player through a Heat system, which is visible on the screen. Players who reach the maximum level of Heat, denoted by 5 stars, will encounter a Max Tac mini-boss experience. Evading the authorities will involve intense car chases and roadblocks that players must overcome. If caught by the police, players will not have the option to surrender peacefully or bribe their way out. Once players successfully elude the police, they will know they are no longer being pursued when NPCs begin leaving the scene.

Update 2.0 also provides players with new ways to eliminate enemies from their vehicles. They can now shoot their weapons from the back of motorcycles and through their car’s windshield or side window. Certain nomad cars will feature new mounted weapons for added firepower. Additionally, netrunners will have the ability to hack and take control of enemy vehicles, causing them to explode. The update includes further enhancements, such as UI and UX improvements, new loot, crafting changes, and new radio stations.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, the expansion that adds a new storyline, characters (including one modeled after Idris Elba), and quests to the game, is set to launch on September 26 at a cost of $30 for players who wish to access the additional content.