'Baby Steps' Game Edges Closer to a Summer 2024 Release

‘Baby Steps’ Game Edges Closer to a Summer 2024 Release

The indie game “Baby Steps,” which garnered significant attention when it was announced in June, now has a release window. Players can expect to get their hands on the game in the summer of 2024, and it will be available on both PC and PlayStation 5.

“Baby Steps” is a project from the creators of popular indie games like “QWOP” and “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy” (Bennett Foddy) and “Ape Out” (Gabe Cuzzillo and Maxi Boch). It’s essentially a narrative-driven, 3D version of Foddy’s original extreme walking simulator, where players control each step of the main character independently.



The new trailer for “Baby Steps” showcases the game’s unique and humorous approach, with the main character, Nate, making various sounds of exertion and frustration as he struggles to learn to walk. Interestingly, these sounds were all produced by the developers themselves, as they took on voice-acting duties for the game.

According to Maxi Boch, one of the developers, the recording process was a hands-on and experimental endeavor: “The developers themselves are handling voiceover duties, recording and experimenting until they discover the humor of each scene. This seat-of-our-pants approach comes through thanks to the unconventional editing, which leaves in giggles and breaks, as well as the playful rapport between Cuzziilo and Foddy, together lending Baby Steps a slacker-comedy feel.”

“Baby Steps” is being published by Devolver Digital, known for its support of unique and innovative indie titles. The game’s offbeat and humorous approach to gameplay and storytelling is likely to make it a notable addition to the indie gaming scene when it arrives in the summer of 2024.