bloodborne kart

Bloodborne Kart, a Fan-Created Game, Hits Roadblocks

My fellow hunters, it pains me to report that our awaited Bloodborne Kart racer has smashed headfirst into a brick wall named Sony Legal. sigh After months of hype for the January 31st release, the developer just revealed the iconic branding is getting axed and things are delayed. Bloodborne demake queen Lilith Walther broke the bummer news saying they now “need to scrub the branding” to avoid further wrath of the suits.


bloodborne kart


I can’t pretend to be shocked here. This was a slick fan project transforming FromSoftware’s gothic masterpiece into a frenetic Mario Kart-esque romp. Of course corporate was gonna intervene! Still though, seeing those gorgeous karts careening around Yharnham struck a special chord with the community. Fans are starved for new content, so this brilliant meme-turned-reality was a rare gift.

And that’s exactly why it sucks so hard that Walther and crew can’t fully bring their initial vision to fruition. Just imagine it — 12 racers styled after fan faves like The Hunter, Father Gascoigne and The Doll duking it out across 16 maps and boss arenas! It would’ve been wild, weird, and wholly glorious.

Alas, after Sony’s smackdown, it’s back to the drawing board. While it won’t be quite the Bloodborne celebration we hoped for, Walther insists the team is “excited” to reshape things without IP restrictions.

Silver lining? This high-profile project probably lit a fire under Sony’s butt. Who knows, maybe it will inspire an actual new Bloodborne game down the road! One can dream…

In the meantime, cue up that stellar trailer and weep for what could’ve been. If any fans need me, I’ll be drowning my sorrows in the finest Yharnam wine. hiccup