Annapurna's Open Roads Pushes Release to March 28 for Perfection

Annapurna’s Open Roads Pushes Release to March 28 for Perfection

Bummer news, gamers. The hotly anticipated narrative adventure game _Open Roads_ has been bumped from its February 22 release date back to March 28. I know, I know – the wait is torturous! But the extra development time will make for a more polished experience according to creators Annapurna Interactive.

In case you hadn’t heard the buzz yet, _Open Roads_ has major nostalgia appeal following 16-year-old Tess Devine and her troubled mom on a classic American road trip. With hand-drawn visuals and a killer voice cast featuring Kaitlyn Dever and Keri Russell, it promises an emotional journey uncovering long-buried family secrets.

As someone who previewed the game recently, I totally understand why the team wants more refinement time. There’s real potential here for a moving, cinematic story on par with past Annapurna narrative hits. The intricate animations and depth of character relationships deserve to shine.

Delaying completion a few short weeks to smooth out any remaining rough edges is a smart play. Nobody wants a choppy or unpolished chapter distracting from the overall experience.

So while the wait stings (gimme gimme!), let’s keep perspective. We’re talking an extra month before _Open Roads_ cruises onto Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. And that patience will likely pay off with tighter pacing and visuals.

Here’s hoping Annapurna takes full advantage of the additional tweak time! Can’t wait to dive in and guide Tess towards closure…whenever that may be.