Fossil Waves Goodbye to Smartwatches: Fashion Brand Exits Tech Game

Fossil Waves Goodbye to Smartwatches: Fashion Brand Exits Tech Game

Welp, friends – it’s official. After a multi-year run, Fossil is throwing in the towel and exiting the smartwatch game for good. No more stylish tech timepieces from the fashion brand.

Fossil quietly stopped updating its lineup last year after the Gen 6 model. But in a statement Friday, a spokesperson finally confirmed the company is shuttering smartwatch development to “redirect resources” back to traditional watches and leather goods instead.

Apparently the ever-evolving landscape made it tough for Fossil to gain traction. And with no hints of a Gen 7 on the horizon, the writing was sadly on the wall.

This is a real gut punch for fans like yours truly. In my book, Fossil made some of the best looking smartwatches around! Sure, battery life was mediocre at best. But the slick design aesthetic was unmatched.

At least existing Fossil smartwatch owners can breathe easy knowing software updates and support will continue “for a few more years” according to the statement. So the Gen 6 still has some life left!

Still though, it’s the end of an era for longtime fans. And don’t expect another fashion brand to step in and fill this void anytime soon. Fossil was truly one-of-a-kind marrying style and tech.

Maybe someday they’ll revisit the category. For now though, RIP Fossil smartwatches. It was a good run – one I was proud to wear on my wrist over the years. Time marches on, but the memories of that sexy Gen 5 model live on.