Blizzard's Ambitious Plan: World of Warcraft's Three-Part 'The Worldsoul Saga

Blizzard’s Ambitious Plan: World of Warcraft’s Three-Part ‘The Worldsoul Saga

A Marvel Cinematic Universe-Style Narrative Unfolds in the Upcoming Expansions

Blizzard’s Next World of Warcraft Expansions: A Three-Part Saga Unveiled

Blizzard Entertainment, known for its iconic World of Warcraft (WoW) franchise, is embarking on a creative journey reminiscent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Chris Metzen, who recently returned as the executive creative director of Warcraft, has unveiled an ambitious plan to create a three-part interconnected saga within the World of Warcraft universe. This epic narrative, called “The Worldsoul Saga,” is set to unfold over the years through a trio of expansions.

A Tale of Three Expansions

“The Worldsoul Saga” will comprise three distinct expansions, with each installment presenting a standalone narrative while contributing to the overarching story arc. The first chapter, titled “World of Warcraft: The War Within,” is scheduled for release in 2024. It will be followed by “World of Warcraft: Midnight” and “World of Warcraft: The Last Titan” in subsequent years.