Apple's iPhone Evolution: 8 Essential Fixes Needed for the Next Year

Apple’s iPhone Evolution: 8 Essential Fixes Needed for the Next Year

Each fall brings the exciting launch of Apple’s latest iPhones. As great as the recent iPhone 15 range is, there’s always room for improvement. After testing out all the iPhone 15 models and seeing what rival phones are up to, here are the upgrades I’m hoping for in next year’s iPhone 16 lineup.

Make the Screens More Scratch Resistant

Apple touts its Ceramic Shield glass as practically invincible against cracks and shatters. And maybe my clumsy self hasn’t dropped a phone badly enough to break one. But I have effortlessly scratched brand new iPhones just by setting them face down on a table. After a few days of use, micro abrasions appeared on all my iPhone 15 review units.

So while the Ceramic Shield helps against major cracks from bigger drops, it seems more prone to annoying surface scratches in everyday use. Hopefully next year Apple can tweak the glass formula so the screens better resist those irritating hairline scratches.

Give the Dynamic Island More Smarts

The Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro and newer models is a clever use of screen space around the front camera cutout. But I figured by the iPhone 15 launch, Apple would’ve expanded its capabilities beyond simply housing notifications and alerts. Alas, the Island remained stagnant, offering no new features.

Since under-display cameras still seem a few years off for Apple, I’m hoping iOS 17 brings more functionality to the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 16 line. Extra perks in settings, media playback, or other areas could make it feel like more than just a unique gimmick.

Craft a Better Case Alternative

Apple ditched leather and came up with a nylon-based FineWoven case for eco-friendly reasons. Unfortunately, its microfiber finish scuffs up faster than a toddler in a sandbox. While I’m glad Apple is considering its environmental impact, the cases need more durability. Perhaps alternative natural materials like straw could provide better protection while retaining Apple’s green commitment.

Give Us Some Color!

The iPhone 15 Pro models debuted an all-new titanium frame – sleek yet durable. But buyers only get a choice of muted grays and blues, with nary a gold, red, or other vibrant colorway in sight. Yes, Apple sometimes releases a special color a few months after launch, like with the Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro.

But I want to see more striking colors available for iPhone 16 Pro buyers straight out the gate. How about a cerulean blue callback to the iPhone 13 Pro’s Sierra finish? Or a bold Product(Red) version to fight COVID and AIDS? There’s so much more Apple could do to make the Pro lineup shine.

Increase Transfer Speeds

Adopting USB-C was a big step toward universal connectivity with other Apple products. However, Apple held back speed improvements on the regular iPhone 15 models compared to the Pros. This keeps that annoying caste system of differentiation. At their prices, even the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus deserve faster transfer rates next year. I mean, the standard iPhone 15 still uses archaic USB 2.0 tech that’s over 20 years old!

And while 10Gbps USB 3.2 speeds on the Pro models is decent, let’s see 40Gbps Thunderbolt 4 support like on the latest iPads. Pros ponying up over a grand deserve ports as speedy as the competition.

Charge Faster!

Faster charging can negatively impact long term battery health, so Apple plays it safe with iPhone charging rates. But nearly 30W wired charging is commonplace among rivals now. Even Samsung’s flagships reach 45W. So eking out just 27W on a thousand dollar iPhone 15 Pro does seem behind the times.

I’m not asking Apple to chase impractical 100+W charging speeds. But getting a maxed out iPhone 16 Pro from empty to full in under 1.5 hours would make a lot of owners happy.

Trim the Bezels, Add Refresh Rate

Rumors suggest next year’s Pros will get even bigger displays. That’s cool, but less bezel is more, so keep slimming down those screen borders, Apple! Plus, lower priced iPhones remain saddled with chunky bezels and 60Hz refresh rates, while even budget Androids boast smoother scrolling.

C’mon, it’s time every iPhone hit at least 90Hz in 2024. And while you’re at it Apple, don’t get left behind in the brightness wars either.

Lengthen the iPhone 16 Pro’s Telephoto Zoom

The updated telephoto camera on the latest Pros takes fantastic zoomed shots. But Samsung’s flagships still boast way more optical zoom range. I’d love to see Apple extend the iPhone 16 Pro’s telephoto reach and keep the cameras consistent across the Pro Max model too. Push that optical zoom to 10x and really show the rivals who’s boss.

There’s my iPhone 16 wishlist! We’ll see how much Apple actually checks off next fall. But if even some of these upgrades materialize, the iPhone 16 series will be more of a knockout than Muhammad Ali. What features are you hoping Apple includes next year? Let me know in the comments!