Apple Allegedly Refines Button Design for iPhone 16

Apple Allegedly Refines Button Design for iPhone 16

Apple seems to be having trouble deciding on the iPhone 16’s button design. Previous rumors said the 2024 iPhones would get a new Capture button and switch to solid-state capacitive buttons. But a fresh report claims the iPhone 16 prototypes still use physical buttons very similar to the iPhone 15 Pro.

This flip-flopping suggests Apple may have abandoned plans for more innovative buttons yet again. Many expected capacitive buttons on the iPhone 15 which never arrived. Now the iPhone 16 may stick with familiar physical buttons.

Capacitive buttons don’t actually depress – they vibrate subtly for feedback when pushed, like the trackpad on MacBooks. Apple already uses them for the iPhone SE 2022’s Home button.

Previous rumors showed how capacitive buttons might look on the iPhone 16, with a larger Action button and unified volume control. But the newest prototype apparently keeps separate volume buttons and a standard-sized Action button. The rumored new Capture button is still there but no longer capacitive, just flush with the phone’s frame.

Capacitive buttons could also respond differently based on pressure, but that tech isn’t coming to the iPhone 16 now based on these leaked prototypes.

It seems Apple has once again chickened out on implementing more innovative button designs for its next iPhone. The iPhone 16 may end up playing it safe with familiar physical clicky buttons rather than switching to solid-state capacitive buttons as rumored. After the no-show iPhone 15 capacitive buttons, this latest flip-flop is disappointing for those hoping Apple would push boundaries with the iPhone 16 design.