Bixby's Redemption Arc: Samsung's Final Gamble with Galaxy AI

Bixby’s Redemption Arc: Samsung’s Final Gamble with Galaxy AI

I saw something unexpected at Samsung’s CES 2024 press conference – the Bixby logo popped up in a slide. I was hoping Bixby would get mentioned alongside AI, but no explanation of its role. Still, this could be Bixby’s chance at redemption.

Why does Bixby need redeeming? My colleagues laugh when I mention Bixby. I’m a genuine fan, but not just because I’m a Samsung diehard. Bixby solves real problems with Samsung’s interfaces.

I own a Galaxy S23 Ultra, but don’t love everything about it. Samsung buries great features deep in confusing menus. Buttons aren’t clearly marked. Bixby simplifies things – I can just ask to toggle Wi-Fi or turn on power sharing instead of digging through settings.

People hated Bixby at launch because it replaced the power button on Galaxy S phones, forcing you to try it. And it arrived as voice assistants like Siri grew old. Bixby couldn’t match their web search skills in early reviews, damaging its reputation.

But Bixby isn’t meant for web searches. It’s an interface to control your phone, which Samsung said from the start. Bixby was also supposed to expand to appliances, though we haven’t seen much progress yet.

I’m hopeful about Bixby’s future after its surprise CES cameo in a presentation about AI. While others focus on generative AI, the AI I want makes my phone smarter behind the scenes, managing notifications and simplifying features. Bixby’s voice controls seem poised to evolve into an AI assistant.

Don’t stop at phones – Samsung TVs and appliances need interface help too. The best Samsung TV is hard to navigate, and refrigerators are getting smarter but still use cryptic controls.

I love Samsung devices’ myriad features but hate how hard they are to use. With Bixby’s help, AI could create a true voice interface to fix this instead of just another virtual assistant. I’d even welcome back the Bixby button if Samsung can finally empower Bixby to simplify its confusing interfaces. This may be Bixby’s last chance, but it could still redeem Samsung’s products.