A Pikachu Bluetooth Speaker is being released by Pokemon

A Pikachu Bluetooth Speaker is being released by Pokemon

Pokemon has officially revealed that a Pikachu-themed Bluetooth speaker will be available shortly. The new Bluetooth speaker will be modelled on the design of the famous Electric-type pocket monster, and will most certainly be deemed a terrific addition to any personal collection by diehard Pokemon enthusiasts.

Despite The Pokemon Company’s recent release of the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it seems that the manufacturing of new official Pokemon items and products is unlikely to halt. The firm actually prepared additional themed things for the game’s release, including the availability of new plush toys of the Gen 9 starters and legendary Pokemon. Now that the anticipation of the new game has died down, it seems like The Pokemon Company is returning to manufacturing Gen 1-themed merchandise in order to keep the Pokemon fandom interested.

Pre-orders for the Pikachu-shaped Bluetooth speaker have already begun through the JAM website, the company’s official partner in making the item, according to the official Japanese Pokemon Twitter account. The item is priced at 8,250 yen, or about $62 USD, and is expected to arrive in mid-February 2023, according to the website. The measurements of the speaker are 18cm in length x 11.5cm in width x 20cm in height. One of the speaker’s key advantages is the ability to connect through Bluetooth 5.1 technology from a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

The Bluetooth speaker is also portable, weighing just 450 grammes, and is “drip resistant.” This indicates that the product is waterproof with most everyday activities, thus it may be securely put in kitchens or bathrooms. Fans may find this feature strange and humorous given that Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokemon that is inherently immune to the element of water. Furthermore, the Bluetooth speaker is shaped like a pocket creature, making it a lovely object to showcase, particularly in Pokemon-themed homes.

The Pokemon Company and JAM have collaborated on several projects with a Pikachu-themed theme, including those in the past. The previous Pikachu-shaped product was a bigger rideable object designed for youngsters to embrace or sit on. Unfortunately, JAM items are only available in Japan at the moment. If Pokemon chooses to bring these things outside of its native area, global fans will have to wait for official word.

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