Players in Disney Dreamlight Valley will get new house skins in the next update

Players in Disney Dreamlight Valley will get new house skins in the next update

In the upcoming update, users will be able to customise the façade of their houses, according to Disney Dreamlight Valley. The popular life simulation game that gives Animal Crossing: New Horizons a run for its money has a devoted following. Disney’s Fantasyland was released on several platforms in September and has gotten two big content upgrades since then.

The game’s most recent significant update included Buzz, Woody, and Stitch, as well as a new festive-themed Star Path for players to show off their holiday joy in-game. While fans wait for fresh content, one player took the holiday spirit to a whole new level by transforming their Disney Dreamlight Valley avatar into The Grinch. However, the upgrades have not been straightforward, with one glitch in the most recent update briefly rendering crafting impossible and several stories soft-locked. This latest post from the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account indicates that the team is beginning to implement features that players have requested since the game’s first release.

The game’s official Twitter revealed that several exterior home skins would be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley in the upcoming update. This option was available as a reward as part of the community wishlist challenge before the game’s early access launch. Instead of being stuck with basic yellow, gamers may select from five other colour choices in the tweet’s brief video. While the game may seem to be limited in certain customisation choices, this hasn’t prevented users from thinking creatively. One skilled Disney Dreamlight Valley fan created their own tea cup ride for their valley based on the popular rides at Disneyland and Disney World.

Fans reacted differently to the news, with some referring to the iconic clothing scene in Sleeping Beauty and selecting whether to paint their house blue or pink. Other players were disappointed at the announcement, expecting anything more than a basic re-skin of the original home design. Perhaps the developers will provide an explanation or a hint as to what the Golden Potato item is intended for in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The main thing that people seem to desire is more bug fixes.

Despite the fact that the game is still in early access, players have been keeping themselves busy online by debating which worlds they would want to see added to Disney Dreamlight Valley in future releases. For the time being, players may only explore kingdoms from Frozen II, Wall-E, Moana, Ratatouille, and Toy Story 4. While there is no official timetable for the next update, this recent announcement should make fans psyched for further enhancements in the next year.