Switch Pro was allegedly real but was ultimately scrapped.

Switch Pro was allegedly real but was ultimately scrapped.

The most recent rumours concerning the purported update claim that although it had been in development, plans for it have been scrapped, thus anybody holding out hope that an enhanced Nintendo Switch would be published will be disappointed. For years, there have been online rumours about a more potent Switch model, but nothing ever came to pass. Given that the hybrid console debuted in March 2017, it is reasonable to assume that any plans for a mid-generation upgrade would have been scrapped in favour of starting development on the following generation.

Numerous leaks and speculations hinted at the potential existence of a Switch Pro. When an Nvidia engineer confirmed the Tegra 239’s leaked pictures, some speculated that the Tegra 239 might really be the Switch Pro’s processor. As with the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X to their respective systems, the enhanced system is expected to be a hardware update that plays Switch titles with increased performance and quality without being a new generation.

Holding out hope for its release is discouraged by a story from Digital Foundtry, which asserts that although the supposed system did exist at one time, many unknown developers verified with them that it had been scrapped. The Switch family of consoles will continue to be the base unit, the smaller Switch Lite that does away with dock functionality, and the more expensive Switch OLED whose main selling point is having an OLED screen along with other less significant upgrades. This is in line with what Nintendo hinted at regarding new Switch models.

The rumour that Nintendo is concerned about transitioning to the next generation of platforms is one of the more intriguing aspects of Digital Foundry’s debate. Despite the Switch being one of the most popular gaming consoles ever, Nintendo may still be haunted by the Wii U’s failure since it was released after the Wii’s enormous success. If this is the case, there may be cause to suspect Nintendo may approach its Switch successor more cautiously, choosing to build upon what has previously succeeded them rather than attempting to innovate as they have in the past.

Although the time for a more potent Switch may have passed, it doesn’t mean the system has completely lost its appeal. Exclusive to the Switch, some of the year’s top titles prove that the console still has a lot to offer those who purchase one. There is no denying the Switch’s success in the five years it has been on the market, even if a refresh may have improved the appearance and performance of many titles.