Yubo: Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About the Live Social Discovery App

Yubo: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About the Live Social Discovery App

In today’s social media-friendly world, the Yubo app makes it easy for young people to expand their social circles and make new friends from across the globe. Every day, Yubo users share experiences via chat or livestream. Below is a detailed Q&A about Yubo and how it works to satisfy the curiosity potential users may have about this increasingly popular social discovery app.

Do People Still Use Yubo?

Yes, people still use Yubo at a prominent rate. Yubo remains a leader among social media platforms, particularly among Gen Z (ages 13-25). In 2022, Yubo says that at least 60 million Gen Zers in 140 countries use its live social discovery app.

What is Yubo Mainly Used for?

Yubo is a live social discovery app that was launched in 2015. Yubo offers its Gen Z users opportunities to connect with new people from all over the world, socialize with friends online through livestreaming, games, and chat, and find others who share similar interests through profile tags. Yubo has created separate communities of users based on age so that same-aged users from around the world can find new social groups and people to connect with.

With lots of common ground and interactive ways to participate on Yubo, users will find it easy to message or livestream about pastimes, trends, and experiences important to them. Genuine friendships are formed every day. And when users of varied cultures come together, this encourages appreciation of everyone’s distinctive qualities and backgrounds.

Why Has Yubo Become So Popular?

Yubo has become very popular, especially among Gen Z, largely because it’s considerably different from other social and livestreaming platforms. Many of these sites have news and content feeds that keep users endlessly scrolling, rely heavily on advertising, aim to keep users connected to friends and people they already know, and focus on content centered around likes, follows popularity, and performance.

Yubo is much different on the other hand. Instead, Yubo focuses exclusively on socializing and interacting in an authentic way, similar to how you would in real life. It does not revolve around content, which is often ingenuine and is instead all about meeting and connecting with new people outside of your existing social circles who you would otherwise never have the chance to meet. It also doesn’t have likes or follows, alleviating much of the pressures around performance, or ads of any kind. Yubo has a unique business model that allows it to protect user data and never sell it to third parties, like most other platforms that rely on ads and selling user data for revenue.

Every feature is designed to bring users together in some way. Simply put, the Yubo platform’s format encourages authenticity and person-to-person social sharing free from the distraction and targeting of ads. And as a bonus, users don’t have to worry about distractions such as accumulating likes or followers, allowing them to just be themselves.

Is Yubo a Dating Site?

No, Yubo isn’t a dating site, since dating sites help users find potential partners. Yubo is a social media platform focused on helping young people socialize and expand their social circles online with new friends from across the globe. The app is not built for romantic purposes or to enable users to meet up in real life.

Besides individual chat features, Yubo’s livestreaming capabilities make it easy to socialize and build friendships online with several users at once.

Is Yubo a Dating App for Kids?

No, Yubo is not a dating app for kids. Users should think of Yubo as an online friendship app. This live social discovery platform makes it easy to discover new friends and connect and interact with other people in real time. Yubo’s designers made the platform ideal for small group interactions – on average a livestream gathers 5 participants and can only have 10 people maximum livestreaming at one time.

Yubo doesn’t encourage real-life meetings for any of its platform users. For everyone’s safety, users should stick to safe online experiences. Here, users can get to know each other in a virtual environment that has many advanced safeguards in place.

Is Yubo Teenage Tinder?

No, Yubo isn’t like Tinder, which is a well-known dating app. Yubo is a social media platform designed strictly to promote friendships among Gen Z users from around the world. Users chat, play games, and hang out in livestreams with other same-aged users from across the globe.

Do 19-Year-Olds Use Yubo?

Yes, 19-year-olds can use Yubo. Yubo’s user base is largely composed of teenagers and young adults. According to TechCrunch, 99 percent of Yubo’s user base falls into the 13-to-25-year-old range. Within this group, Yubo has created a user community for users 18 years of age and older. So yes, many 19-year-olds regularly use the Yubo social livestreaming app.

Yubo has taken steps to limit interaction between teens and adults through age-gating. In fact, with Yubo’s latest age verification feature, the app has officially age-verified 100% of its users to help fortify these age gates. This gives users more confidence that the people they are interacting with are the age they say and also helps to reduce bots, fake profiles, and bad actors who want to take advantage of online anonymity on the app.

How Does Yubo livestreaming Work?

Each Yubo livestream (or Yubo Live) involves between one and 10 people streaming at once. An unlimited number of viewers can watch each livestream. In fact, watchers love to gather to listen to and comment on the streamers’ funny stories, watch them share their talents, or engage in conversations about the high or low points of their day.

Even better, Yubo users can choose a livestream based on their interests, language, or country. The sky’s the limit, and plenty of livestreams are available at all times of the day and on every subject. Yubo truly offers livestream options for everyone.

How Does Yubo Promote User Safety?

Yubo wants users of every age to safely enjoy its live social discovery platform. To gain access to the app, users must first verify their ages via Yubo’s new Age Verification System. This requirement helps to ensure that each user is the age they claim to be.

After each user’s age is verified, they are placed into separate communites based on age, otherwise known as age gates. Yubo has age gates in place, particularly to protect its younger users and to limit interactions between teens and adults on the platform. Few other social media apps, if any at all, feature this safeguard.

Yubo is also the first major social media platform in the world to use real-time moderation for livestreams, which includes their human moderators intervening in real time if there is a report of violations to the app’s Community Guidelines. These moderators, also called Safety Specialists, monitor Yubo 24/7 and have the option to take action on users displaying potential risk or inappropriate behavior through warnings, temporary bands, permanent bans, and escalation to law enforcement if needed.

Finally, Yubo users won’t have to worry about the app collecting their personal information to sell to advertisers for targeting. Yubo does not accept any ads, so companies have no need for users’ personal details.

How Does Yubo Promote Positive Online Interactions?

While users chat and go Live with each other, Yubo’s skilled moderation team works to ensure that discussions remain as positive as possible. When users encounter someone who doesn’t respect their boundaries, or who violates the Community Guidelines, alerting the safety team guarantees immediate attention to the issue.

Yubo’s advanced AI algorithms also remain on alert, watching for users who use harmful language or who may be ready to post sensitive or inappropriate content. Here, the algorithm posts an educative pop-up alert that asks the user to reconsider their actions. This advisory is designed to help educate users about online behavior and make them think twice about their actions, an approach recommended by experts to help with behavior change.

Equally importantly, users have control over the content they see on the Yubo platform. The “Muted Words” feature allows users to list words, phrases, and emojis they prefer to avoid in messages or livestreams that they may find harmful or personally triggering.

What is Yubo’s Audio and Video Livestream Moderation?

Yubo is the first social media platform in the world to provide real-time audio and video livestream moderation and intervention. The video moderation process begins with Yubo’s artificial intelligence (or AI) filters taking and analyzing second-by-second screenshots of every livestream. If the filter sees potentially inappropriate or harmful content, a human Safety Specialist can jump in to assess the situation and take the appropriate action.

What is Yubo’s Age Verification System?

Yubo’s Age Verification System requires all users to verify their ages before being permitted to access the platform. Yubo is the first major social media app to require 100 percent user age verification. The process is simple and fast, and users don’t need to provide IDs or other documentation. This benefits younger users who may not yet have an ID card.

Once the age verification process is complete, a user will be placed into the age group that matches their verified age. This enables all users (especially minors) to confidently use the Yubo app to make friends with other global users who are who they say they are.

How Does the Age Verification Process Work?

Yubo’s age verification process takes only a few minutes, and the entire sequence takes place within the app. First, the user snaps a real-time photo, and the Yoti liveness algorithm takes a short video simultaneously. Together, the photo and video can determine if the images show a real person rather than a screenshot or Google image by detecting movement during the photo-taking process.

Next, the Yoti algorithm estimates the user’s age and determines whether it matches the age they’ve listed during sign-up. If everything checks out, the user will be verified and able to access the app.

If there’s a discrepancy, the user must provide additional approved documentation that verifies their age. If they can’t (or won’t) provide this proof, they will not be permitted to use the Yubo app.

How Accurate is the Age Verification Process?

The Yoti algorithm has a 98.9 percent accuracy rate in determining whether a user is above (or below) a certain age threshold. This accuracy rate holds true for every age, skin tone, and gender. Yoti’s technology has also earned the iBeta certification, giving it highly desirable external validation.

How are Privacy Concerns Addressed?

In this increasingly digital age, Yubo understands that everyone is concerned about their online personal privacy. Therefore, Yubo’s Safety Specialists ensure that the age verification process syncs with “privacy by design” procedures that conform to European data privacy laws.

Finally, users should note that the Yoti algorithm cannot link a certain facial image to a real person’s identity.

How Does Yubo’s Safety Board Promote User Safety?

Yubo’s recognized Safety Board provides ongoing advice on user safety guidelines and practices. The Safety Board includes online safety experts from varied countries. These knowledgeable safety industry professionals have previously worked with organizations such as INTERPOL, Thorn, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Annie Mullins OBE serves as Yubo’s Independent Safety Advisor. In her previous executive roles at Vodafone and Yahoo! UK, Mullins maintained a strong focus on online user protection. She emphasizes Yubo’s complete commitment to online safety for users of all backgrounds and ages.

Yubo has gone above and beyond to enhance the online experiences of Gen Z on its platform by proactively mitigating safety risks…Its rapid, full-scale deployment of sophisticated age-verification technology with Yoti is just the latest evidence of its unwavering commitment to online safety innovation,” Mullins explains.

What Does Yubo’s Future Look Like?

As Yubo continues to expand its global user base, company executives regularly assess evolving user needs. At the same time, the Yubo Safety Board provides guidance on the latest online safety practices.

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