Your Guide to Purchasing a Billboard in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known for its bright lights, casinos, and generally busy and exciting nightlife. Some would argue that this is truly a city that never sleeps. But did you know that when people talk about Las Vegas, they aren’t just talking about one city? There’s a whole Las Vegas valley to explore!

And that means that there are so many varied places to look into for Las Vegas billboards alone, depending on what your ad campaign goals are. Why are you targeting Las Vegas? What’s your target demographic? And which parts of Las Vegas are actually going to help you reach the highest levels of marketing success?

Are you looking into investing in some Las Vegas billboards for your advertising campaign? Get ready for some tips that will help inform your research a little further, based on some analysis of some of the most famous Las Vegas areas. 

Additionally, I’ll be providing some tips on what to do during the purchasing process.



Henderson is a part of Las Vegas, Nevada that feels a little bit like it shouldn’t be part of the valley. It’s just that different, and can frequently pull in an entirely different crowd than other parts of the roaring city.

Some would describe Henderson as having an almost small-town feel, as does the website 10 Best, and this is with some good reason. It almost feels like any other urban city, except for the proximity to the casinos, of course.

If you’re looking for Las Vegas billboards in the Henderson area, your ads will likely be amongst locally-owned restaurants instead of larger chain eateries. Additionally, while there are some parties in Henderson, they’re pretty small in scale.

And, to top it all off, Henderson is the location of the Clark County Museum.


Henderson is certainly not what you would describe as typical Las Vegas, and definitely not from this description. While Las Vegas isn’t called home by very many, this is where many Las Vegas families can be seen spending their time.

This comes with the positive aspect of your Las Vegas billboards ad campaign meeting the same eyes more than once, and possibly for longer periods of time. That’s especially the case if you decide to keep your billboard ads up for a while, certainly helping you into sustainable levels of long-term growth in terms of brand awareness and potential customers.


The Strip

When most people think about going to Las Vegas, they’re really thinking about hitting The Strip. This is the area that many would consider being quintessential Las Vegas, brimming with loud casinos, expensive hotels, luxurious and exclusive parties, and awe-inspiring neon lights.

The Strip certainly pulls in a different crowd than somewhere like the Henderson area, and this is why it’s occasionally called an “adult’s playground” in conversation.

If you’re looking to advertise in Las Vegas and get a large number of eyes on your campaign overnight, The Strip is a very good place to look. The streets and sidewalks are packed with people excited to go shopping, partying, and gambling. Sometimes, they do all of that in just one night!

However, many people will go to The Strip for only a day or two before heading home, meaning it could be difficult to reach the highest levels of brand awareness and familiarity here. Especially if your audience is so much more likely to be intoxicated here than in other parts of town.

It should also be known that, because of the high exposure levels to so many eyes, the prices of these Las Vegas billboards can be pretty steep compared to other areas of the city.


Do Your Research

Not only should you be researching the best places to place your ads depending on your demographics, but you should also be researching and vetting the billboard company or companies you decide to work with on your campaign.

Odds are, especially if you want to maximize your success and run a more long-term campaign, you’re going to be in conversation with this company for a while. 

Look into reviews and make sure the company is pleasant to work with. Figure out if the company delivers on its promises. And before you sign any contracts (did they give you a contract?) make sure you read over everything.


Remember that Everything is Negotiable

The title says it all. Before you get into a phone call with a company and figure out pricing, make sure that your negotiating skills are up to par. The best thing that could happen is that you get a lower and more budget-friendly price on your ad purchase.

However, the worst thing that could happen is that you have to pay the price that they initially advertise to you. And in some cases, this is definitely way more expensive than it should be.

But I would note that it’s important to be careful, as well. Some areas of Las Vegas have high levels of competition, and you don’t want to get bought out before you make a decision. Or, if the company decides that you aren’t worth working with for the price you’re offering, they might just settle on someone else who is willing to pay full price.