diablo 4

You can now get a free mount on Diablo 4, but for a limited time only

Check it out, Diablo 4 gamers – for a limited time, you can grab a sweet free Mount Armor Bundle from the in-game store! This Dragoon’s Path set is up for grabs til December 26th, so hop on it quick before it’s gone!

Now I know reaching Act 4 lets you unlock mounts to zip around the massive world of Sanctuary. And those carry over to all the characters on your account too, which is awesome. Gotta personalize your ride with some dope skins, armor, trophies – the works!

That’s why it’s so rad Diablo’s giving out a free mount cosmetics pack for the holidays. In the “Free Gifts” section of the shop is the Dragoon’s Path bundle – we’re talking the Barding of Cathedral’s Light armor, plus a shiny Star of Light trophy and Benediction of Light trophy too. You can mix n’ match those sweet pieces with other armor sets or skins you’ve collected when you’re pimping your mount back in town.