The wearable tech segment has got a new entry with Xiaomi unveiling their latest Mi Smart Band 5 in the UAE. The Mi Smart band series has been a crowd favourite since its introduction, mostly due to its sleek design and aggressive price. Xiaomi has revealed that the Mi Smart Band 5 is even better than its predecessors.



It boasts a large 1.1” colour AMOLED display with 20% more screen space than its predecessor. Users can express their unique style by choosing from over 65 dynamic displays and six sleek band colours. With a vibrant display and sporty design, Mi Smart Band 5 is here to make fitness fashionable. 

The Mi Smart Band 5 comes with 5 ATM water resistance, which means you can wear this on your swim in case you want to time your laps or gather other exercise-related data from your swim session. It also features 11 exercise modes – including indoor cycling, elliptical, yoga, rowing machine, and jump rope – Mi Smart Band 5 is designed to capture all kinds of workout progress, no matter how one moves.



Beyond fitness, Mi Smart Band 5’s  PPG heart rate sensor is now up to 50% more accurate, so you can always stay in touch with your cardiac health with more indicative data on your sleep status, stress levels and even monthly cycles. Additionally, this device gathers all the matrices and outputs a Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) value for users to easily understand their health levels.

A larger screen and more features mean the Mi Smart Band 5 must be changed from time to time.

Mi Smart Band 5’s battery supports up to 14 days of continuous usage. When it is time to recharge, there’s no need to remove the tracker from its band thanks to Mi Smart Band 5’s all-new charging solution. Just conveniently snap it onto its charger via its magnetic back, and let the charging begin!

The Mi Smart Band 5 is now available in all major retailers in the UAE for a price of AED 169.