Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members Get 75-Day Free Trial to Walmart Plus

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has become a go-to subscription service for gamers, offering a vast library of new and classic games for both Xbox and PC. Alongside the gaming benefits, members also enjoy additional perks, and the latest addition is sure to please online shoppers in the United States.

Microsoft has collaborated with retail giant Walmart to provide an exclusive 75-day free trial of Walmart Plus for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. This offer presents an excellent opportunity for both frequent and occasional Walmart shoppers, as the retailer’s membership program typically costs $12.95 per month.

To take advantage of this offer, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can easily claim their free trial by accessing the perks section on their console, through the mobile app, or via the Xbox app for PC. Once in the perks section, users can select the Walmart Plus offer and receive a promo code. This code can then be entered on the dedicated Walmart Plus and Microsoft promotion page to initiate the 75-day free trial.

Walmart Plus is a comprehensive membership program that offers various benefits to its subscribers. These include unlimited free delivery on orders of $35 or more, fuel discounts at participating Walmart and Murphy USA locations, and the convenience of scan-and-go mobile checkout at select stores. With this trial, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have ample time to experience the full range of Walmart Plus benefits.

The partnership between Microsoft and Walmart exemplifies the increasing collaboration between the gaming and retail industries. By teaming up, both companies aim to enhance the value proposition for their respective customers. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will enjoy the added benefit of a Walmart Plus trial, while Walmart gains exposure to a broader audience of gamers and tech enthusiasts.

It’s worth noting that this exclusive trial is available for a limited time only, so interested Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers should act promptly to claim their 75-day Walmart Plus trial. Whether you’re an avid Walmart shopper or simply looking to explore the perks of this membership program, this collaboration offers a valuable opportunity to experience Walmart Plus at no cost.

As Xbox Game Pass Ultimate continues to evolve and expand its offerings, partnerships like these further enhance the value proposition for subscribers. Gaming enthusiasts and Walmart shoppers alike can look forward to more exciting collaborations and exclusive offers that enhance their entertainment and shopping experiences.