Xbox Game Pass Announces Day One Release for Highly Anticipated Game in 2024

Magical Delicacy has been revealed as the first official Xbox Game Pass launch game for 2024. For over six years, Xbox Game Pass has given customers for a nominal monthly charge access to a growing library of video games on Xbox platforms and PC. These games span from minor independent releases to large-scale AAA blockbusters, with new titles being added on a monthly basis. Xbox Game Pass has even been utilised to supplement the most recent Xbox titles.

The previous several years have been hectic and exciting for Xbox Game Pass. 2023 appears to be continuing this pattern, with up to four Day One Xbox Game Pass games adding in March alone. This follows on the heels of February’s Game Pass lineup, which concludes on February 21 with the FPS/RPG hybrid Atomic Heart.

Even though it is just a few months into 2023, Microsoft is already looking ahead, announcing the first Day One Xbox Game Pass launch for 2024. It was revealed over the weekend that Magical Delicacy would make its inaugural premiere on Game Pass. Flora, a young witch, bakes all types of tasty confections and delivers them to the people of a beautiful village in this colourful, Metroidvania-style side-scrolling adventure title. Thus yet, no official release date for Magical Delicacy has been disclosed, although it is expected to arrive on Xbox platforms and Steam sometime next year. A teaser for the announcement was also published earlier today.

Magical Delicacy’s release will almost certainly be aided by Xbox Game Pass, which had over 25 million customers as of last year. 2022 was a sluggish year for the service due to a lack of notable Xbox exclusives in general. But, analysts believe that 2023 will be a much more lucrative year for Xbox Game Pass, owing to Microsoft’s upcoming acquisition of Activision Blizzard and the release of high-profile titles such as the stylish blockbuster Hi-Fi Rush and Bethesda’s long-awaited RPG space epic Starfield.

If Magical Delicacy is any indicator, Microsoft has plans for Xbox Game Pass to continue long into next year. Skaule’s colourful combination of cookery and RPG adventure appears to be a strong match among Microsoft Game Pass’s smaller indie offerings, and it also has the distinction of being one of the first Xbox Game Pass titles to be confirmed for 2024.