World of Goo 2 Announced: Unveils Long-Awaited Trailer After 15 Years

World of Goo 2 Announced: Unveils Long-Awaited Trailer After 15 Years

In a delightfully gooey surprise, The Game Awards showcased an official trailer for World of Goo 2, a sequel 15 years in the making. This physics-based puzzle hit is getting another wacky outing, and it looks chaotically fun as ever.

For the uninitiated, World of Goo originally launched as a PC indie darling back in 2008. The premise was simple – use blobs of sapient goo to construct bridges, towers, and structures to meet level goals and rescue your goo friends. It was an instant classic, even later hitting Nintendo Switch in 2017, thanks to addictively simple mechanics blended with smart, satirical wit.

Judging by the new trailer, World of Goo 2 looks to crank everything up to 11. We’re talking derailed trains, precariously stacked sky islands, erupting oil spills sending goo flying out of control. The laws of physics seem pretty loose, which means ample room for hilariously havoc-wreaking towers. Yet underneath the silly exterior lies commentary on consumerism and corporate absurdity, continuing the original’s legacy.

Details are still sparse for this newly announced sequel beyond a 2024 release target. But the devs at 2D Boy label World of Goo 2 their “biggest game ever,” so we’re hopeful for plenty of content and polish when it finally oozes onto consoles and PC.

Will it slingshot right onto Nintendo Switch at launch? We can dream – I’d love to get sticky on my morning commute – but the multiplatform angle still seems likely based on its precursor. Either way, I can’t wait to rescue cute goo blobs from physics peril later next year in this hotly anticipated, long-gestating sequel. Just mind the slime!