What is the Android Accessibility Suite

What is the Android Accessibility Suite

The Android mobile operating system offers a great level of customization to its users. This makes the whole experience fun and hassle-free. Over the years, the OS has evolved and has been bringing in features that allow people with disabilities and people who are slightly older, to use Android devices without a problem. This has resulted in the Android ecosystem becoming a lot more versatile and inclusive. If you are using a smartphone running the latest build of Android, you may have seen this feature called the Accessibility popping up in the settings. Before you panic and try looking for ways to delete it, hear us out.

The Android Accessibility Suite is a collection of accessibility apps that help you use your Android device eyes-free or with a switch device. This makes it easier for people who are not entirely comfortable with their smartphone, to use it in an easier and assisted manner. To make things more clear, let’s take a look at what the Android Accessibility suite actually contains.

Number 1. Talkback

When the Talkback feature is enabled from the Accessibility menu (Settings –> Accessibility), it provides spoken feedback so that you can use your device without looking at the screen. This feature is excellent for users who are blind or partially sighted.


what is the android accessibility suite


This is how you can use your Android smartphone when the Talkback feature is enabled.

  1. Swipe Right or Left to move between items.
  2. Double-tap on an item to activate it.
  3. Drag on the screen with two fingers to scroll.

The Talkback feature is stable but Android makes sure they push in enhancement on a periodic basis.

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Number 2. Select to Speak

The Select to Speak is another feature offered by the Android Accessibility Suite and is a default accessibility setting that you can enable on any Android Smartphone running Android 6.0 or higher.


What is the Android Accessibility Suite


When the Select to Speak is ON, you can tap specific items on your smartphone screen to hear them read aloud. This is what the Select to Speak can enable you to do when it is enabled.

  1. Tap a specific item, like text or an image.
  2. Drag your finger across the screen to select multiple items.
  3. Tap the Play button to hear everything on the screen.
  4. Select text that appears inside the Camera View.

Number 3. Switch Access

This is the third and currently, the last accessibility feature offered exclusively by the Android Accessibility Suite. Switch Access is aimed at people with motor difficulties and when enabled, allows users to control their smartphones using switches or a keyboard, instead of the touch screen.

The switches can be calibrated to select items, scroll, enter text, and a lot more.

Overall, the Android Accessibility Suite is not a service you want to try and disable on your device. It is nascent until activated and provides a whole new way of using Android devices. The best part is that you don’t necessarily need to be impaired or disabled to use these settings. They are free to use for absolutely anyone who owns a compatible Android device.

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