What happens to the pictures on Google Earth

What happens to the pictures on Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to virtually tour the earth right from the comfort of your homes. Along with the 3D features that offer this immersive experience, the app also relies of imagery provided by the partner satellites and on the ground contributors for updated images of the locations. These images are stitched together by the application to offer a realistic street view of various locations around the virtual earth. Today, thanks to the changes in Google’s policies, anyone can sign up to become a contributor and upload their images into the app and the same is then used to update the location in question. The responsibility however, is on the contributor, to upload authentic images of the location as misleading images can lead to problems down the line and can spoil the overall experience.

The question that comes to mind is – How often are these images updated across the application?

The answer is actually simpler than we think.

Google devises a yearly road map where they plan which locations are updated with the latest imagery. The users have no say in this decisions, and if you are one such user who is looking forward to seeing your hometown updated, do not hold out hope as the location will only be updated when it falls into Google’s road map and also when they have enough amount of updated high quality imagery and footage of the location in question.

While on your virtual adventure, if you find a place that has been named wrong or is lacking a proper description, you can actually suggest these edits to Google, who, after verifying the same, may even add it to the application, making it more up-to-date for users down the line.

This is how you can get it done –

Step 1. Open the Google Earth application on your PC.


What happens to the pictures on Google Earth