What does pending mean on Snapchat

What does pending mean on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps on the market today. The concept of vanishing photos has really caught on with the public and the integration of new filters and creative video formatting options has got allowed the humble app to go toe to toe with the big shots in the social media game.

Snapchat has been evolving through the years and has also tied ups with some leading music labels to allow users to attach branded audio content into their snaps to make them more appealing. Another new feature that Snapchat has started is the monetisation feature, and while it is not as significant as the Youtube partner program, it is finally looking like Snapchat wants to allow users to earn through their snaps.


What does pending mean on Snapchat


There are two primary ways in which you can create snaps to send to your friends or family –

  1. You can go for the tried and tested photographic style. In this, you can simply click a photo with the built in camera app on the Snapchat app and then mark it up, add stickers and text. Once you are satisfied, you can send the snap to your fiends. You can also decide the duration for which the snap will be available for the recipient.
  2. If photos is not your thing, then you can even send videos to your friends in the form of snaps. Simply use the same camera app to record a video, mark it up, decorate it with stickers or captions and then send it to the recipient/recipients of your choice.

Connectivity or Server Problems

Now, it may so happen that when you create your snap and press the send button, there may be a ‘Pending’ message instead of the standard ‘Delivered’ message. If this happens, do not panic, what it means is that either there is a network connectivity issue at your place or Snapchat is facing issues of its own. If you are confident about the connectivity of your place, then you can quickly check the Down Detector website to see if the Snapchat services are down or under maintenance. If there is indeed a problem on Snapchat’s end, then your snap will be delivered once the services are back online. In the eventuality that the snap is not delivered at all, you will have to start again from scratch unfortunately.

Recipient has not added you as a friend

Now, another reason why you may be seeing a pending message in front of your snap is if the person you sent it to has not added you as a friend. In short, if you send the snap to a totally unknown person, then they will have to add you as their friend in order to receive the snap and view or interact with it.

Download Snapchat

Snapchat is available as a Free to Download app on Android as well as iOS, the Links for which are given below.

Snapchat for Android – Click Here

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