When it comes to web browsers on PC or smartphone, the first name that comes to mind is Google Chrome. Designed and maintained by Google, the Chrome browser has been setting benchmarks in the web browser race, since its release in 2008.

Initially, people knew the Chrome browser to be one of the fastest in the market, and the fact that it had the Google tag in its name, evoked a sense of confidence and trust in users’ minds. Google has done a great job of developing the Chrome browser through the years, empowering it with new upgrades, features, and enhancements, to stay on top of the competition.

When you buy a new PC (Either Windows or Mac), the OS boots with a default web browser. In the case of WIndows, it is the Edge browser, while the Mac boots with the Safari browser. However, that has not stopped Google Chrome from making a case for itself.

Today, around 69% of all devices in the world are running the Chrome browser, making it the official king of the web browser market.

One of the most loved features of Google Chrome is ‘Extensions’. Basically, extensions are a feature that is developed by third-party developers, or even the developers at Google, with the primary intention of enhancing the capabilities of the Chrome browser.

Initially, you had to look long and hard on the internet for Chrome extensions, but Google solved that hassle for all the users, by introducing a new Chrome web store. Much like the app store, the Web store is built exclusively for the Chrome browser and holds all available extensions in one place. This makes it very easy for users to search for, and install the extension they like best.

In this article, we will tell you what are the three best Chrome extensions.

Number 1. Tab Wrangler

If you love working with multiple tabs open, the tab wrangler extension is for you. It detects tabs that have been open but idle for a long time, and it immediately closes them. However, the best part is that it maintains a list of these tabs, and the moment you need any one of the closed tabs, you can just click on its name and it will be opened immediately.


What are the best Chrome extensions


We love this extension and you should definitely try it on your Chrome browser. Click here to head to the download page.

Number 2. Fox Clock

This extension is great if you travel a lot, especially across different time zones. Even if you have clients or teams across the world and you want to sync a meeting to their preferred time, just click on the Fox Clock extension and you will immediately see a pop-up of the world time and different time zones. You don’t need to change the current tab or exit the web page you are on, to see the world time.


What are the best Chrome extensions


A great add on to this extension is that it accounts for daylight saving time as well. You can get this extension from the Chrome web store.

Number 3. Last Pass 

One of the things we need on our systems is a good Password manager. Yes, most brands do offer password managers on the system, the Last Pass extension gives you everything you need, at just the click of a button.

The last pass allows you to safely store your passwords, and also helps you create strong passwords whenever you need.


What are the best Chrome extensions


If you have never used a password manager before, you should definitely try out the Last Pass extension. It is available for download on the Chrome web store.

There you go, the three best Chrome extensions that you should definitely try today. We absolutely love these extensions and we have not yet encountered major problems with them, making them very easy to recommend.