Volkswagen's Gen Travel Concept Will Allow You to Sleep While Traveling

Volkswagen’s Gen Travel Concept Will Allow You to Sleep While Traveling

The Volkswagen Gen Travel is a bold, futuristic concept automobile that is instantly likable. The Gen Travel, which makes its premiere on Friday, is electric, self-driving, and features a totally changeable interior that converts seats into beds. It even features ambient lighting intended particularly to stimulate melatonin synthesis.

The so-called “overnight configuration” is only one of the numerous options for rearranging the chairs on Gen Travel. There’s a “conference configuration” with four chairs and a huge table in the center, and Volkswagen claims the ambient lighting “creates a nice working atmosphere” while also aiding in motion sickness relief. So, no more excuses for not completing that crucial company executive bandwidth strategy presentation.

Furthermore, the seats may recline in a variety of positions, and tray tables seem to emerge from the dashboard, making it simpler to eat your business women’s lunch special on the way to your next meeting. Augmented reality displays may even transmit visuals intended to delight children.

The upright, glass-heavy interior should allow in a lot of light, and Volkswagen claims that the bottom of the side windows sits at waist level, providing a good view of what’s outside. When you’re in sleepytime mode, you’re positioned below the window to avoid strong light (and to prevent anyone from peering at you while you’re sleeping). Finally, the concept’s gullwing doors not only look cool but also make getting in and out of the automobile simpler.

Volkswagen claims the Gen Travel is all-electric, but no details about the engine have been revealed. Instead, Volkswagen claims that the Gen Travel incorporates Electric Active Body Control, which anticipates the car’s motions and modifies the suspension characteristics to make things as smooth as possible. Volkswagen also claims that the Gen Travel is capable of “platooning,” or traveling in a convoy to boost range – think of it as autonomous hypermiling.

Obviously, the Gen Travel project is not intended for production. This concept just represents Volkswagen’s vision for the future, while the firm states that “particular characteristics may subsequently be converted to series cars.”

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