The YouTube homepage will be redesigned with Material You Modifications and Black Dark Theme

YouTube has been testing a revamp of the video screen in recent weeks, and Material You modifications are now making their way to the homepage. The video site seems to be working on a major update for its clients across all platforms.

This makeover has shown momentarily for a few users on desktop and mobile web in the last few days. Starting with the latter platform (in this example, Safari for iPad), the carousel of various subjects has switched to rectangles with rounded edges instead of pills, and “Explore” has moved to the extreme left. Similar to mobile, the main tab on the bottom bar is now labeled “Shorts.”

Meanwhile, thumbnails on the homepage, search, and video page now have rounded edges. The pill-shaped buttons for thumbs up/down, Share, Save, and Report is back.

More adjustments have been made to the desktop website. Most notably, instead of grey, there is a true/AMOLED black dark theme. A pill-shaped search box has been added, and the subject’s carousel has been changed. It coincides with the transition of YouTube Music for Android to this look, with the streaming service already having a black backdrop. Furthermore, certain carousels, such as those for Shorts, are enclosed in separate boxes with thin grey outlines.

YouTube’s homepage revamp is currently under development and has not yet been widely implemented. It is not persistent in the minds of those who have met it.