Update on the new Metro game from 4A Games and free engine use for modders

Update on the new Metro game from 4A Games and free engine use for modders

4A Games, the creator of Metro, has broken its silence on its forthcoming project and shared some interesting news with the modding community. The Kyiv-based developer remained silent during 2022 because of the continuing crisis in Ukraine but has now issued a detailed update on how the situation has impacted the production of the next instalment in the Metro series.

In a November 2020 update, 4A Games stated that the company was committed to applying everything it had learned throughout its history while breaking new ground and delivering a story-driven single-player experience, all while taking advantage of the latest advancements brought on by the 9th generation of home consoles. 4A Games went on to address multiplayer, noting that it is sometimes seen as a “box-ticking exercise” but promising fans that the firm will not compromise on providing the single-player experience they have come to expect from the company.



The most recent report from 4A Games outlines the company’s experience since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and how the conflict has impacted the creation of the next Metro game. The statement reiterates the Metro series’ strong political and anti-war message and emphasises how themes of dictatorship, violence, and persecution have become part of their everyday lives. 4A Games is steadfast and committed to tackling the challenges of the “new normal” that it and the rest of Ukraine have found themselves in. In the fight, at least one Metro Exodus development team member was slain.

The software development kit used to create Metro Exodus is now accessible to modders for free usage, and it contains a whole level from Exodus for gamers and modders to dissect in the editor, according to 4A Games, which did not have any important information to provide about the forthcoming Metro game. Naturally, the Exodus SDK is not meant for commercial usage and is instead designed for the modding community to go wild with, maybe even sharing their own idea of what the next Metro game might look like.

The continuing conflict in Ukraine is undoubtedly awful, and fans of 4A Games and the Metro series will realise that making a game under such circumstances is no simple task. The company’s recent statement is good, even if it lacks any important specifics about the future Metro game. Fans may at least be certain that the developer is dedicated to bringing a new entry into the franchise with the same degree of detail and attention that has made the Metro series one of the genre’s highest-rated titles.

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