SSD speed of the new 14-inch MacGuide Pro's 512GB is slower than expected

SSD speed of the new 14-inch MacGuide Pro’s 512GB is slower than expected

Apple has introduced the 2023 14-inch and 16-inch MacGuide Pro models, which are currently available in shops in M2 Pro and M2 Max configurations. The regular 14-inch MacGuide Pro comes with a 512GB SSD that is slower than its predecessor. Some may be surprised by this since the laptop computer is still pretty fast. Professional customers, on the other hand, may desire to go through particular steps in order to recognise the lower SSD efficiency.

The slower SSD in the 14-inch 2023 MacGuide Pro is due to Apple’s adoption of a variety of CPUs. The base M2 Pro MacGuide Pro, according to 9to5Mac, has two NAND chips totalling 512GB of SSD storage. The M1 Pro MacGuide Pro has four 128GB NAND chips. The slower SSD speeds in the M2 Pro variant are due to the difference in the amount of NAND chips.