Unreleased GTA Online Content Teases a Potential GTA 6 Location

Unreleased GTA Online Content Teases a Potential GTA 6 Location

Unreleased footage for GTA Online has Grand Theft Auto fans believing they have seen a place from the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. Rockstar revealed the game’s development earlier this year, and fans have been waiting for news on the next Grand Theft Auto instalment ever since.

When Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks appeared online in September, Rockstar Games’ decision to remain silent about their upcoming big game was reversed. These were eventually verified to be genuine, and Rockstar Games expressed sadness that their game had been revealed prematurely while also confirming that development on the upcoming project will proceed as scheduled. Fans have been frantically hunting for any information about the game since then, hoping to uncover hints on what to expect in Grand Theft Auto 6.



The owner of the Twitter account ClassiqueGTA, which takes its name from the fictional in-game vehicle manufacturer, is one of these admirers. They have discovered an unpublished GTA Online shirt known as the “Downtown Cab Co. Revere Collar.” The shirt’s design depicts a taxi travelling through a city that does not appear to be a direct portrayal of Los Santos, one of the main settings in Grand Theft Auto 5. Fans quickly speculated that it could represent a city in Grand Theft Auto 6, with Vice City being a popular choice due to its appearance in the aforementioned GTA 6 leaks.

Others feel the city on the shirt is a generic representation of Los Santos, maybe based on past concept work. The appearance of the Downtown Cab Co., the same cab firm seen in Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online, is one indication of this. A massive mountain utilised as a backdrop has a striking resemblance to Mount Chiliad from GTA 5, lending validity to the theory that this is Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto 6 might release in 2024, according to previous claims from the tech giant Microsoft, though it’s important to note that this information did not come directly from Rockstar Games. Given how busy GTA Online is nine years after its release, one may expect Rockstar to incorporate the official announcement of GTA 6 into the game in some way, especially if the game is set to be released within the next two years. With so little official information on the series’ upcoming instalment, Grand Theft Auto’s devoted following will no doubt go to any length to learn more about the next Grand Theft Auto game.