Unofficial DLSS Support Arrives for Skyrim

Unofficial DLSS Support Arrives for Skyrim

According to modders, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will soon acquire complete, though unofficial, compatibility for Nvidia’s DLSS temporal upscaling technology. This upscale lets users exploit their graphics cards’ AI accelerators to significantly boost rendering resolution while also increasing speed, which might be a tremendous benefit for Skyrim enthusiasts who run hundreds of modifications at the same time.

While Skyrim is a very old and low-spec game to run on a current PC, it’s a simple truth that its thriving modding community is continually seeking methods to incorporate cutting-edge technology into it. DLSS is merely the most recent in a long series of these technologies, and gamers will soon be able to reap the benefits of effective DLSS deployment.

Nvidia DLSS now supports over 200 games, but Skyrim isn’t one of them. PureDark, Ersh, and Doodlez, among other modders, are presently working on a full suite of DLSS-led modifications for the game. According to Reddit user Mern, the patch is almost complete, and it will provide Nvidia users with more than just a significant FPS bump, but also features such as DLAA, one of the greatest anti-aliasing solutions presently available.

Many players may be disappointed by this sort of support in Skyrim since devices such as Steam Deck do not support DLSS in any manner, shape, or form. In other words, non-Nvidia users will be unable to take use of this remarkable technology. According to modders, this functionality would also allow compatibility for AMD’s universally applicable FSR 2.0 technology, as well as Intel’s own new upsampler, the XeSS.

It’s worth noting that the DLSS patch will not be immediately compatible with the ENB presets, a popular aesthetic update for Skyrim. Mern, on the other hand, reports that the ENB system’s designer has promised to sort out the compatibility bugs between DLSS and ENB at some point in the future, which might offer genuinely enormous performance benefits for heavily customised Skyrim setups.

Because the planned DLSS plugin should ultimately be compatible with practically every modern PC build of the game (including VR versions), this feature may soon be included in all of the top lists of the most essential Skyrim quality-of-life modifications. Of course, how well the final product works remains to be seen, but things are looking positive thus far.